Testcase Model (xls)

Set of Test-cases are called Test-case Model.

Testcases are prepared by Testers (QA Engineers ) in Elaboration phase.  These are XLS files.

There are three types of testing and testcases:
  1. Functional Testcase (FT) : tests Application functionality
  2. System Integration Testing (SIT) : tests the integration of Application with other applications or hardware. For example integration with SMS and Email servers.
  3. Load Testing : done by Load testing tools like Load Runner to test the number of concurrent users.

Q: How many types of testing are done in your project
A: 1) Unit Testing, 2) FT 3) SIT 4) Load testing 5) Smoke Testing

Q: What is the extension of testcase
A:  .xls ( Excel file )

Q: Who writes testcases?
A: Tester ( QA Engineers )

Q: When FT is done
A: When application deployed in QA environment by deployment lead