Design Model (UML)

Set of UML diagrams are called UML Model. Generally Class and Sequence diagrams are referred in an application.  ArgoUML is used to create UML diagrams.
  1. Usecase Diagram
  2. Class Diagram
    1. DTO Class Diagram
    2. DAO Class Diagram
    3. Service Class Diagram
    4. Controller Class Diagram
    5. Exception Class Diagram
    6. Utility Class Diagram
  3. Sequence Diagram
    1. High Level Sequence Diagram (HLD)
    2. Low Level Sequence Diagram (LLD)
  4. Package Diagram
  5. Deployment Diagram
  6. Modules
      1. College
      2. Student
      3. Marksheet
      4. User
Q: Who creates UML diagram
Q: Which diagrams are created first 1) Class diagram 2) Sequence diagram ?
Q: Who do you create UML diagrams ?
Q: What is node in deployment diagram?
Q: Which diagram is used to create table schemes?